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Planning your wedding with Pinterest


Pinterest Wedding Stats from Splendid Insights

Pinterest is now the most popular online tool used to plan weddings and is currently more popular than Twitter, Facebook and Wedding Forums. Which of course it would be because how do you top pictures?? You can’t!! You can’t outdo a visual and that is what Pinterest is. Shoot, I spend most of my time on Pinterest pinning wedding and event inspiration for current and perspective clients. It’s a wonderful tool and if you ever check out my boards, you’ll see that I have boards for weddings attire, wedding photography, wedding ideas and inspiration, even a board for weddings in Washington DC. If a bride or groom needs motivation to plan or a little eye candy, they will definitely find it on my board.

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Source: Splendid Insights Global Wedding Market Study  Design: Kelly Ashworth

Royal Inspiration


Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Who didn’t?!? How fabulous is it that in 2011 a simply regal Catherine Middleton can marry her prince (literally) and exude so much class and elegance while back in 1956 a beautiful American film star looked just as timeless and elegant as she married her prince, Prince Rainier III in Monaco. I’ve been up since 4 am to watch the ceremony and catch a glimpse of Catherine’s wedding gown and she did not disappoint. I was almost scared that her gown would be extremely simple and boring.

Princess Grace & Duchess Catherine

I love all things weddings and one of my favorite aspects of a wedding is a women’s choice for her wedding gown. After have gone wedding gown shopping recently with a current client and watching her try on several gowns only to fall in love with a Vera Wang gown that made her cry in her mother’s arms at the sight of herself and the realization of what will happen, I am convinced that the wedding gown is the first if not THE most important decision during the planning process. This decision is both meticulous and very time consuming and everything has to be perfect. I fall in the realm of people who believe that the wedding gown should look timeless no matter the style of wedding. One should not be able to look at a bride in a picture and tell exactly what decade she got married in let alone the year.

Princess Grace

This brings me back to Princess Grace Kelly who looked absolutely timeless in her gown, designed by MGM designer Helen Rose. Seeing now that 55 years later Duchess Catherine wore an Alexander McQueen gown designed by Sara Burton that closely resembles Princess Grace’s in 2011 and still looks stunning, modern yet very traditional is proof to my point. Looking back on this day many many years from now, we will be able to say the same thing about Duchess or Princess Catherine’s wedding gown as well.