Frozen Wedding Inspiration


Wedding Inspiration from Disney’s Frozen

I know I m late to the party but my daughter and I finally watched Disney’s “Frozen” a few days ago. I wasn’t sure if I would like the movie because to be honest, if I heard “Let it snow” one more time I thought I would scream. But we both thoroughly enjoyed it and by the end of the movie I was a bit teary eye. LOVE the theme of unconditional love, especially that of family. Now being a wedding and event planner, I was most mesmerized by the part of the movie where, after running away, Elsa creates her ice castle and dress. I could totally imagine a wedding taking place in there with its large stair case and open floor plan. Yes, we are still talking about an animated movie but it inspired me to create something frozen.


While doing a bit of research to curate some of my favorite frosted ideas, I came across this totally gorgeous Winter Wonderland styled shoot on Elegant Weddings Magazine’s website. There is a great amount of inspiration for your “Frozen”, Ice Queen or Winter Wonderland wedding.

Happy Planning!




Clockwise from the top:
Snowflake garter {source} – Eye shadow {source} – Magical Pixie Dust nail polish {source}
Floral Diamond ring {source} – Side fishtail braid {source} – Valentino sparkle heels {source}
Snowflake cake {source} – Cartier drop earrings {source} – Michael Cinco embroidered gown {source}
Preston Bailey ceremony design {source}

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